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CSS-DSG develops, deploys and supports databases, and does system administration for hardware for Experiment and Lab Users. Developments are structured as projects - invariably involving participants from more than one department in the Computing Division and usually in collaboration with the end users and often with Project Leaders outside of the Department. We focus on Data Handling and Management: databases for information and event data management; distributed data management and access; system administration of multiplatform experiment hardware.  CSS-DSG is working on projects with CDF, D0, CMS, BTeV and beyond.

Support Db Project References Various links to helpful experiment project pages for databases. (linked to from http://d0db-prd.fnal.gov/d0db/)
Database Systems Group RunII Support Procedures Definitions, procedures and mail aliases related to support of Run II by the Database Systems Group for databases and online software.
Run II Databases and Applications Collaborating on database architecture, design,implementation and administration and:
D0: Corba/Oracle Database server and Database Server Generator;
CDF: Application interface.


Run II Online Projects D0 Online: Logger, Event Distributor, Messaging.
View current D0 online status (with auto update every minute.).
CDF/D0/CD Joint Project Support Databases
SAM D0 data access
Configuration Management software development tools
Distributed Data Management SAM distributed data storage and access system for D0 Run II
Particle Physics Data Grid

Help towards CMS, MONARC.
Databases Support for Oracle software, installation, design and configuration.  Packaging and support for mysql and postgres.
Management Information Systems (MISCOMP) Equipment tracking,
Financial and purchasing information
Tape tracking and statistics.
SVXDB CDF SVX detector construction
Cdfdb CDF Module tracking and repair.

Development Environment Support

Diagnostic software for the CDF SVX II detector construction

cdcvs - Computing Division CVS respository


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