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FNAL Central Unix Web Service Town Meeting 2008 Announcement

Web Managers and Authors,

We will be having a central unix web service town meeting on Wed March 19th 2:00-3:30 in WH 1W to get input on your web needs and long term direction for web services. An agenda is below, but please reply to this message if there are other web topics you would like discussed.

Please note that the choice between Linux and Solaris will affect almost all CGI authors.

If you are not able to attend, please let us know if you have opinions on these topics by


  1. Purpose: Long Term Direction
  2. Web Services on Sun Solaris or Linux
  3. What Services Are You Looking For?
  4. Demo: Web Traffic Reporting Software
  5. Feedback on Apache 2 Upgrade
  6. Spell Checking (URL correction) on or off for new web servers
  7. Other Issues/Questions from You

We'd like to understand whether Linux is preferred over the current Solaris OS for web service.

Advantages of Switching from Solaris to Linux

Disadvantages of Switching from Solaris to Linux

We'd also like to hear your ideas about web service additions or changes you'd like to see support for. We can't promise to implement all suggestions given manpower constraints, but we would like your input in identifying common pressing needs.

-- CSG Web Team

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